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Did you know that THE best method for making high-ticket sales in the history of online marketing is webinars?


People spend thousands of hours on a daily basis watching webinars and the numbers keep rising. They also spend thousands of Dollars on products and services purchased directly from a webinar in the hopes that they can help themselves and their business.


With advances in technology, it’s very easy to set up and promote automated “evergreen” webinars that were actually pre-recorded days, weeks, or even months before.


Once that webinar is recorded, that webinar can generate income on auto-pilot for a long time.

But there is ONE problem with Automated Webinars …

They take time, effort, and specialized technical knowledge to set up and implement. Not just anyone can do it. It really does take a technically courageous person to do it by yourself!!

Why keep doing things the hard way?

Here's How To Get It Done… The easy way!

You Can Quickly and Easily Have Your Very Own 

Automated “Evergreen” Webinar

That is Guaranteed to Sell Your Product or Service..

Without Ever Having To Do ANY Tech Work!!


"Automated Done For You Webinars"

Get your Automated Webinar up and running and making you money while you sleep.

"At Last! The entire webinar and funnels completely set up for you..."

Looking To Truly make a difference for yourself and your clients? Just fill out our application form by clicking on the button below to set up an interview...

I've sold $3.4 millions worth of services via webinar. With my reputation, I can pretty much choose anyone to set up my Automated Webinars, but I choose Steven as my go-to person. Do I really need to say more? He's reliable and trustworthy. Hire him if you still could before he gets too busy.

Dan Lok

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Dear Friend,


How much is a complete Automated Done For You Webinar worth to your business?


Imagine just only having to create the content (or we can do it for you), and not worrying about the confusing tech! Then that webinar is running and working for you automatically. Imagine how much new exposure you can get to sell your product or service.

Done for you webinar your webinar could bring you tons of hot leads and new customers.

These are people who are now ready to buy from you!

At the same time, you’re also growing your list so that you can sell them even more products or services in the future.

Isn't it great to know that anytime you need more business, you simply turn the tap on?... it's like having the goose that lays golden eggs continuously and automatically.


Sounds too good to be true?


Well, it isn't if you have the right tools and the right team working for you. You see, dollar-for-dollar, nothing provides a better return on investment than automated webinars and it doesn't matter what product or service you sell (As long as it's ethical).


Think about it. An automated "evergreen" Done for You Webinar is the most powerful marketing tool you can ever have.  It will relentlessly go out and deliver your message perfectly, every time.


Simply put, a powerful automated webinar is like having a little automatic, client-getting money-making robot working for you, tirelessly... day and night.

But Creating That Automated Webinar Can be So

Frustrating and Overwhelming!!!

It could take you months and can cost a small fortune to figure out how to do it yourself. Have you already purchased expensive platforms like Click Funnels, Everwebinar (or other webinar software) or Infusionsoft only to realize that they are very difficult to set up and use?


Did you spend weeks feeling frustrated and overwhelmed trying to figure out how to use those platforms to get your automated “evergreen” webinar and funnels up and running? Doing all that tech stuff is for what I call “Technically Courageous People.“


How much time and money have you spent trying to do this yourself?


I recently spoke to someone that shared how he spent over $100K and months trying to do this himself and got no results! Now that is an extreme,  but think about it, How much have you spent? How much has it cost you not only in time and money, but in keeping your sanity?


If you are not a technical person, then stop I encourage you to stop trying to be one. Think about it, is that the highest and best use of your time? What else could you do with all that time?


WARNING: If you ARE technically courageous, Then this service is probably not for you!

But if you are not!!!  This is what you have been praying for all along!

Fact is, thousands of small business owners like yourself, have successfully used Automated Webinars to sell their products and services. Some of the top marketers in the industry use automated webinars effectively to sell Millions of Dollars.


Their secret to success is that they don’t do all of this themselves. They have a team of highly specialized geeks and expert copywriters to make sure that their technology is set up properly and that their copy converts like crazy!

Look at what some of the top experts in the industry have to say about Automated Webinars.

  • Justin Livingston Justin Livingston
    Webinars are the greatest online Conversion Mechanism for Coaches, practitioners, Experts and Healers. Callan Rush (my business partner) has earned several millions of dollars in doing them.
  • Eben Pagan Eben Pagan
    Webinars are the best way to reach a world-wide audience. They have made me Millions.
  • Lisa Sasevich Lisa Sasevich
    I've used webinars to generate over $30 Million dollars in my home-based business.

In 1984, Robert Cialdini, Regents’ Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Marketing at Arizona State University, published a now-famous book (in marketing circles) called Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.


In this book, he outlined the Six Principles of Influence…


One of those principles is the principle of Authority!


According to Cialdini, we are heavily influenced by people who we view as “experts” in their field. So for example if a doctor recommends a certain medicine or treatment, we’re going to take them a lot more seriously than a stranger off the street.


Take that a step further. If let’s say that Doctor is Doctor Oz, then those sales will probably triple; since he is a well known media personality and is regularly appearing on TV.


The more exposure you get to your ideal audience, the more expert status you will receive. That is the power of running successful webinars. And with automation, that webinar is constantly running and exposing you to more and more people and increase your earnings exponentially.


Imagine what you could do with all that extra income.


Maybe it will be all you need to quit your job!

Maybe it will allow you to build a retirement “nest egg,” pay off debt, and buy all those toys you have been dreaming of.


Whatever your dreams and goals… a proven Automated Webinar system can get you there faster.


So now you may be thinking, what exactly do I get with this amazing automated “Done for You Webinar” System? Good question.

Here's What You Get

  • 1

    Pre-Webinar Marketing Funnel

    This is the most crucial and often overlooked part of the webinar funnel. This is how you build your client list. We build all your landing pages, video pages and integrate with your CRM and email auto responders.

  • Lead magnet and optin pages
  • Video thank you pages
  • A proven way to increase your webinar registrations
Done for you webinar

  • 2

    Email Setup

    We set up all emails that go out to your list.

  • Pre-webinar emails
  • Webinar reminders
  • Email campaigns based on behavior (i.e. Show, no-show, buy, don't buy, etc.)
Done for you webinar

  • 3

    Webinar setup

    We do all the tech work to set up the automated webinar for you.

  • Custom registration page
  • Thank you page
  • Notifications
  • CRM and email Autoresponder integrations
  • Sales pages
  • Appointment setting
  • Payment processing
Done for you webinar

  • 3

    Post-Webinar Campaigns

    There's a saying that says that the money is in the follow up. Well that's true. In this phase of the system we set up the campaigns based on client behavior. The campaigns will target the following client behaviors.

  • They showed up and watched the entire webinar but didn't buy
  • They showed up and bought your offer
  • They showed up but only stayed a little while
  • They registered but never showed up
    Done for you webinar

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      This is a service that requires good project management and ongoing communication. In addition to email support, there are 3 core one-on-one sessions were we go over each project phase to completion:

    • There will be an initial setup/review service where we discuss your goals, launch plans, agree on delivery dates, and collect the information we need to get the project going
    • There is a content review session, where we figure out each piece of content throughout the entire funnel
    • After everything is setup, there is a tutorial/training and review session (recorded) where we show you how it all works, how to manage it on an ongoing basis since the webinar is evergreen
    Done for you webinar
    • Name
      - Steven knows his technology, and any time I came up against a technical challenge as I was setting up my first webinar, he quickly responded with a solution. Steven is personable and patient. I also really appreciated being able to consult with him about various pieces of software. He directed me to the most user-friendly technology solutions. I didn't have to do that research. He'd already done it for me!

      Laura Bush

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